Trade Secret SEALnGLIDE and Glaze powered by Holmenkol Nano Technology Seal N Glide 25200

Trade Secret SEALnGLIDE and Glaze powered by Holmenkol Nano Technology Seal N Glide 25200

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Product Description
SEALnGlide powered by Holmenkol Nano Technology. The original formulation. Suitable for 1 1/2 gennakers (RS400 size) or 1 gennaker plus jib and mainsail luff/bolt rope (when using the 100ml size). 
The ultimate low friction durable performance finish for sails. Based on "nano"technology, for significantly reducing the friction of sail surfaces, resulting in tangible benefits such as: 
  • Faster sail setting - thanks to reduced friction
  • Reduces sail snagging on rigs or fittings
  • Increases cloth stability
  • Use on bolt ropes for easy hoists
  • Increases the sailcloth tear strength
  • Resistant to sail washing detergents
  • Reduced weight aloft - due to lower water absorption
  • Non stick tell-tales - giving a clear advantage in competition
  • Used mainly on mainsails, headsails and spinnakers
  • Please note this a two part system i.e. you mix the base product with the activator (both supplied). Once applied the resulting finish is not only very low friction - but far more durable than ANY competing product (spray or liquid). 
  • Needs to be applied with a non absorbent cloth (such as the 'care fleece')
  • The 100ml size is 100ml Base plus 25ml Activator (i.e. 125ml total)
  • The 1000ml size is 1000ml Base plus 250ml Activator (i.e. 1250ml total)
  • Coverage is approximately 40m2-80m2 per 100ml (40m2 for Dacron or 80m2 for laminate cloth i.e. Kevlar/Mylar)
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SealnGlide Before and After
In the photograph above, the right hand side of the sail is treated with Holmenkol SealnGlide. See how the Holmenkol treated section repels water. The droplets simply roll away even in the wettest conditions. Compared to the wetted out untreated section. What this means in practise is a drier, lighter, cleaner and more efficient sail that is easier to handle.
SealnGlide Detailed Info and Application Instructions 

Holmenkol Base Material Handling Datasheet

Holmenkol Activator Material Handling Datasheet

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