SolRX Original Formula Sun Cream Sunscreen Water Resistant was Prosport  - Active Zinc SPF 50+

SolRX Original Formula Sun Cream Sunscreen Water Resistant was Prosport - Active Zinc SPF 50+

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Product Description

Unique Waterblock System that maintains Sun Protection Factor (SPF) even after 8 hours in and out of water

  • Clear Not White
  • Specialty sports product - not generally available
  • Highly water resistant and oil free - will not sweat into eyes
  • Provides high protection against sunburn, retains full SPF even after 480 minutes of activity in water and/or sweating
  • Water resistant, UVA/UVB protection, PABA-free, oil free, fragrance Free
  • Water-based so sand will not stick and will not sweat into eyes
  • Field tested in some of the hottest countries in the world. Formulated for outdoor sports professionals, worn daily by surfers, dive masters, sailors, paddlers, lifeguards and contractors on several continents

Please note: Whilst the product in the tube is white - on application it is clear

Size: 100ml

SolRX water resistant sun protection has been the favourite sunscreen for athletes and lifeguards for over two decades and is also perfect for those who just want to swim and sunbathe too. Tested by AMA labs to provide 8 hours protection in and out of the water, its long-lasting UVA/UVB protection is also paraben-free, fragrance-free and suitable for all skin types.

SolRX WATERBLOCK™ SPF50 differs from the 35+ in that it contains zinc, blocking the suns rays instead of reflecting them. It is still clear after application as with the 35+

More Info

The Science Behind SolRX

Many times, we are asked to explain what makes SolRX sunscreen different from others. There are two key reasons – the manufacturing process and or unique WATERBLOCK™ system.

1) Firstly, to make a lotion, traditional manufacturing methods use what is called an oil phase and a water phase. The various ingredients in the lotion are segmented into these phases, mixed, heated and blended. In every lotion, there are ingredients which hold these two phases together during the process. What SolRX has accomplished is unique, they take the sunscreens and use the mixing of those as the oil phase; therefore, no additional oils are needed. This is how SolRX achieves an oil free sunscreen.

2) Secondly, they are the only Sunscreen to use the WATERBLOCK™ system. Within the SolRX waterproof system are what are known as volatile silicones. The Sunscreen, while its state in the tube is not waterproof. It becomes waterproof once applied to the skin. Part of the waterproofing ingredients changes chemical structure and part of it evaporates into the air, allowing the waterproof agents bond to the skin. There is no body core heating with SolRX which could be experienced with other brands. This not only ensures that it is water and sweat resistant (so it cannot run into your eyes) but also makes it feels light on the skin and, being non-comedogenic, it allows the skin to breathe.

What SPF Should I Use?

Suncream SPF Info
Sun Protection Factor - is a measure of a sunscreen's ability to prevent UVB from damaging the skin. The higher the SPF the longer the protection. So SPF 15 would give you 15x the time your skin normally starts to burn. There is a huge difference between the time it takes for differing skin types to burn. We normally recommend SolRX SPF 35+ at least for most people in UK summer sailing conditions.

Whats The Difference Between SolRX and High Street Products - Surely Water Resistant is Water Resistant?

No. To be classed as water resistant in the E.U. suncream only needs to be water resistant for 50 minutes! SolRX far exceeds this, it is lab tested to retain its performance for at least 8 hours.

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