Rwo are a main dealer for RWO. Our experience with RWO is extensive and goes goes back 25+ years!
We have been manufacturing deck hardware for over forty five years and are continually seeking to improve our range to cope with the modern demands of current sailing trends and to this end continue to sponsor and support sailboats actively racing on circuits worldwide , resulting in the quality and competitive hardware illustrated on this web site.

Along with other items the constant development on our award winning Quick Release Trapeze Hook, has resulted in a comprehensive range of spreader bar, slot and lace up versions, which can be found in most leading brands of trapeze harness or available as replacement hooks. You will also find a Ball traveller system, Hatch Covers and Drain Bungs in grey together with a new range of Clamcleats, and various upgraded Shackles, Clips, Hooks and Burgees.