Selden Solo Mast C SLVD

Selden Solo Mast C SLVD

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Seldén Solo spars have been the choice of winners for more than 30 years. Seldén continue to develop the product working with the best sailors and sail makers in the class giving sailors the best possible performance racing products. 
During 1999 Leading Solo sailors asked Seldén for a section stiffer than our ‘C’ section up to the hounds, but flexible fore and  aft and stiff sideways in the topmast. The objective was to  control sail shape through the wind range with kicker  tension, but ensure that the mast stays straight sideways for downwind and medium wind speed. The Seldén Cumulus Solo mast achieved the objectives and dominated results over the following 9 years. 2007 saw the introduction of the D+, Switching to a front taper gave a more dynamic response from the top mast aiding upwind performance, 
"The Selden D+ is a perfect all rounder for the Solo. Providing good gust response and flexibility for the rougher sea states with enough stiffness to maximise pointing in the flatter inland venues." Charlie Cumbley, UK National Champion 2008. Seldén have continued to sell and support the C-sleeved and Cumulus products, C-sleeved is ideal for lighter sailors and Cumulus still remains a firm favourite with heavier sailors in the fleet. 


Section Sailo Weight Stiffness F/A Stiffness Athwart
C Sleeved <75Kg 14.1 9.8
D Plus 75-90Kg 20.0 13.8
Cumulus >90Kg >90Kg  14.4
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