Selden Lark Mast D14-C067-0624K

Selden Lark Mast D14-C067-0624K

SKU: SM-D14-C067-0624K
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Product Description

The Lark mast is supplied as standard with tenon heel plug, cleat and turning block for main halyard, slot and block for pole lift, fully adjustable spreaders, and ball bearing spinnaker sheave.Mast is fitted with drawlines for fast attachment of halyards.


Since the Lark’s inception in the 1960’s, Seldén (formerly Proctor) Masts have been proud to be sole spar suppliers to the Lark Class. The ‘C’ section is ideally suited for this type of one design rig. For a non trapeze spinnaker boat the section’s sideways flexibility makes the boat smooth and rewarding to sail upwind, while its forgiving and predictable fore/aft bend characteristics enable power and sail shape to be accurately controlled to suit a wide range of crew weight and wind strengths.

Choose a Seldén mast and you will find many performance enhancing features unique to our products, for example: l The Seldén tapering system ensures that our tapers are minimum size and weight. This giveslow windage, centre of gravity and topmast weight. This maximises your speed by enabling the topmast to react quickly to gusts and waves giving better acceleration, a smoother ride upwind and, ultimately, more races won!

Automated welding keeps excess heat out of the taper for guaranteed consistency and performance. The weld produced is so perfect that there is no need to mechanically grind the weld (which can induce inconsistencies). This means that once we have finalised a winning design, you can be sure that your spar will perform identically to the champions.

 All masts are heat treated in our purpose-designed oven. This artificial hardening ensures that you get maximum performance from the high performance aluminium alloy.

Our spars pass through a purpose-developed bead-peening machine. This gives the mast a perfect satin finish that dramatically improves fatigue properties, giving you a mast that will perform reliably for many years.


Top quality fittings such as our fully adjustable spreader bracket and highly durable cast gooseneck ensure speed and reliability on the racecourse.

 Sectional Weight 0.90 kg/m

Dimension - fore/ aft 65 mm

Dimension - athw 54 mm

Stiffness - fore/aft 14 cm4

Stiffness - athw 10 cm4



Quick Tuning Tips

Mast Heel 2750mm from transom to forward edge of mast

Spreader Length 380mm (side of mast to shroud)

Spreader Deflection 130mm (aft edge of mast to straight line between shrouds)

Mast Rake 6830mm in light winds to 6780mm in strong winds, measured from top black band to bottom of transom

Rig Tension 160kg in light winds to 110 in strong winds measured on shroud

Pre-Bend 50mm light wind, 20mm medium wind, 35mm strong wind (at spreader height)

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