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Selden GP14 Mast Cumulus

Selden GP14 Mast Cumulus

SKU: SM-D14-C069-0578
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Product Description
Selden GP14 Mast Cumulus

Working closely with the Class Association and Speed Sails, Seldén have upgraded the registered GP14 section to our new Cumulus section. The rig has proven to be the best available winning the 2006 World Championship and taking the top two spots at the 2007 National Championship. The Cumulus section has been supplied as standard on all new Speed Sails boats since 2004.

A more modern section than the ’D’, the stiffness to weight ratio is more efficient, and with an improved taper, the Cumulus creates a faster, more user friendly mast for the boat.

"The Cumulus mast is very responsive to changes in controls and rig settings, making it easy to get the maximum performance out of the rig across the full range of conditions. The fittings are well engineered for functionality and reliability." Ian Dobson, World Champion 2006 & 2008.

With a similar fore and aft stiffness to the ’D’ section, existing mainsails will set well on the mast with the improvements coming from the more DYNAMIC nature of the tube.

Series 1 mast has square heel plug, series 2 standard tenon plug. Included on the mast are hook rack, main halyard sheave, ball bearing sheaves top and bottom for spinnaker halyard, and fully adjustable spreaders

Drawlines for all halyards are fitted for fast attachment of rigging.

Cumulus Section Mast
Dinghy Section

Sectional Weight 0.95 kg/m
Dimension - fore/ aft 69 mm
Dimension - athw 58 mm
Stiffness - fore/aft 19.5 cm4
Stiffness - athw 14 cm4
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