Selden 505 Mast D14-C069-0475S

Selden 505 Mast D14-C069-0475S

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Product Description
Since the inclusion of the new big spinnaker, there is  a world-wide change to the Seldén Cumulus section. With similar fore and aft bend to the notoriously fast 
‘D’ section, existing proven mainsails are immediately fast. The increased sideways stiffness gives the rig the support it requires offwind. Well proven since 1999 by Krister Bergstrom, the then two piece Cumulus  has already won one World Championship (Durban 2000).
Since then, the tube is now available long enough to suit the 505, and has dominated most major 505 regattas worldwide, being used by the likes of 
Howie Hamlin, Ian Pinnell, Sandy Higgins, Krister Bergstrom etc.. 
Morgan Larson used a radical twin spreader option to win the 2004 World Championships on his Cumulus section.In 2005 Selden are working with BM Sails to develop a ’stiff’ rig option in the Epsilon section, ideal for heavy weights & Baltic (flat water) regattas, being fully optimised for the BM sail.
Why Seldén?
Choose a Seldén mast and you will find many performance enhancing features unique to our products, for example:
The Seldén tapering system ensures that our tapers are minimum size and weight. This gives low windage, centre of gravity and topmast weight. This maximises your speed by enabling the topmast to react quickly to gusts and waves giving better acceleration, a smoother ride upwind and, ultimately, more races won!
Automated welding keeps excess heat out of the taper for guaranteed consistency and performance. The weld produced is so perfect 
that there is no need to mechanically grind the weld (which can induce inconsistencies). This means that once we have finalised a winning design, you can be sure that your spar will perform identically to the champions.
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