Selden 470 Masts D14-C068-0531

Selden 470 Masts D14-C068-0531

SKU: SM-D14-C068-0531
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Product Description
Seldén have worked with some of the top 470 sailors to develop the most complete range of spars for the class which now includes ZETA, our newest section. 
All our tapers are CNC plasma cut and auto welded making them the most consistent masts available. This is vital for effective two boat tuning and to ensure race and spare masts will have identical bend. 
We heat treat all are spars in our own oven to deliver a  higher hardness specification. This means our masts are strong and can bend further without breaking or taking a permanent set. 
Zeta is our latest section developed specially for Womens 470. It is about 10% softer than Cumulus making it ideal for lighter crews. Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark won the World Championship using a Zeta mast. 
Cumulus is our most popular 470 section for Men. It 
provides an excellent balance of stiffness, weight and gust 
response. Luke Patience and Stu Bithell currently use a 
standard Cumulus mast. 
Alto was developed for the light wind conditions of Bejing. Being 5% stiffer than Cumulus it is used by heavier teams looking for extra power in marginal conditions. 
Features & Fittings 
All masts are made from 6082T6 aluminium. 
CNC plasma cut tapers for ultimate accuracy and consistency 
Heat treated after tapering increases material hardness. 
Durable peened finish. 
Welded in headbox. 
Optional dealer fit halyard lock. 
Ball bearing spinnaker halyard and pole lift boxes. 
Fully adjustable spreader system. 
Vernier spreader length adjusters. 
Gooseneck with stainless steel spigot and positive lock. 
Extended gooseneck
Section  Weight Kg/m Stiffness F/A Stiffness Athwart  
Zeta 0.96 18.6 12.9  
Cumulus 1.04  20.4 14.4   
Alto 1.07 21.5 15.0  
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