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ILCA 6 Carbon Lower Mast - Class Legal (compatible with Laser1)

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ILCA 6 Carbon Lower Mast - Class Legal (compatible with Laser1)

Carbon Composite construction
Re-inforcing bands at Gooseneck and Mast Base
Metal Wear Protective Bands at Deck and Hull level

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Product Description

Composite lower mast, for use on the ILCA 6/Radial class boat.

Because the new mast was designed with the same bend and performance characteristics as the existing aluminum masts, it will not provide a performance advantage but instead will eliminate the permanent bending problems associated with the aluminum spars.

“ILCA’s policy regarding the introduction of new equipment is that it should have the same characteristics as the existing equipment and can be raced side-by-side,” says ILCA Executive Secretary, Eric Faust. “The spar has been tested by some of the top sailors in the world and they all agree that the composite mast meets the design objectives.”

According to ILCA Technical Officer, Clive Humphris, “The new lower mast has been developed and extensively tested to ensure that it is ready for the rigors of competition. The advantage is that the new mast will be much more durable and will therefore provide a better value over the long run versus the aluminum spar.”

“Sailors should make sure they are buying a genuine, class approved spar,” adds Humphris. “All class-legal composite lower masts will have attached an ‘ILCA Authorized’ QR coded label. As long as you see that label you know that the mast will be legal for all ILCA sanctioned events after the first of September.”


A part supplied by a licensed manufacturer which is legal for use in all official International Laser Class Association events. Also compatible with parts for the LASER ®

LASER® and starburst/sun logo are registered trademarks owned by Velum Limited and currently licensed to the Laser Performance Group for use in Europe. is fully independent of both the Laser Performance Group and Velum Limited.

Product Questions

Product Questions

Have ILCA approved these as Class Legal with effect from 1st Sept 2020?
As far as we are aware there has been no change from the original date that ILCA announced for this being approved i.e. 1st Sept 2020. This was intended to tie in with the Olympics, which of course is not happening this year, so we are 100% certain if this has impacted it.
What is the weight like compared to the aluminium alternative?
Hi, We have not actually compared the weights but they are supposed to be the same. The reason for using the carbon version is not weight, its durability i.e. the alloy version has problems returning to its original (and legal) straight position after high loads from wind and/or waves. Sea trials of the carbon version in Australia equating to more than two years of normal usage have shown this to be the case. Thanks, Sales