Trolley Wheel Puncture Proof

Trolley Wheel Puncture Proof

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Product Description

These are an alternative to standard inflatable pneumatic trolley wheels. The tyre is solid, made with microcellular polyurethane foam. Not only does this make the tyre puncture proof, it it not effected by sunlight (the main reason pneumatic trolley wheels fail).

  • Can be used in place of standard pneumatic trolley wheels
  • 16 x 4 or maybe 4.80 x 4.00 - 8
  • To fit 25mm axle and total size measures 40cm x 10cm
  • The bore measures 25.5mm wide x 65mm deep (i.e. 65mm+ is the clearance you will need on your axle) . The rim has a diameter of 220cm
  • Only 50% heavier than a standard pneumatic trolley wheel. 
  • Weight 3.1kg (lighter than most puncture proof versions available)
  • Maximum load 200kg - not for road use
Note: These are supplied each not a pair. They may seem expensive but they are intended to be a long lasting replacement for conventional inflatable pneumatic trolley wheels, which are liable to puncture/failure as they are susceptible to sunlight degradation.
Product Questions

Product Questions

I am looking for some solid launching trolley wheels for a laser 16. I have tried some already but they distorted badly under the weight, leaving them with flat spots. The boat weighs around 250kg. Will these wheels take that weight without distortin
These trolley wheels are the best we have found for distortion, having tested many. It is possible the ones you have used before are cheaper/lower specification Chinese models Your boat when fully loaded and wet etc may in fact exceed 250kg, which is very heavy and rather exceptional. To be safe we would suggest our pneumatics 4 ply wheels, which will certainly take the weight and recover, whatever the weight (within reason). Hope that helps.