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New Customer or Delivery Address Setup

Download form  New Customer or Delivery Address Setup

Security Information – Why am I being asked to provide this information, I have already added my customer details on my web order.
Many non UK issued credit and debit cards do not provide any electronic security checks to confirm the identity or authorisation of the cardholder. This is normally done electronically and instantly without your involvement. We are forced to use a manual process for which we are charged £5 for each submission (you are never charged for any of these fees). We will normally only make one submission (for obvious financial reasons!) – so it’s important that the address held by your credit or debit card issuer is shown on the document you send to us.

Essentially you need to prove that you are the cardholder, by faxing/ emailing a document showing the address that your credit card statement is sent to. The following documents are acceptable (in order of preference – one only is required).
a. Credit card statement page showing your address (last page usually)
b. Utility bill
c. Driving license
d. Passport (last option – since no address is shown)

Fax: to +44 (0)845 299 1530 or 

Note: We may ask new UK customers to follow this process if they are requesting delivery to an address other than the approved statement address.

I order loads of stuff online (Amazon, CDW etc) and other marine outlets and I’ve not been asked for this before?
We have access to the same security checks as they do – this only means they do not take the security risk or your card verification details as seriously as we do.

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