Laser MK II Friction Pad 91538

Laser MK II Friction Pad 91538

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The Friction Pad has been developed by the team at LaserPerformance in response to the demand from the class at a global level. For every Laser sailor in the world.  T

The Laser Daggerboard Friction Pad, MKII holds your board in place, so you don't have to. Engineered by Laser Performance the friction pad is a must have upgrade for your Laser. 

The MkII friction pad allows you to adjust the friction on your daggerboard - just slide the pad fore and aft to increase/decrease the friction on your board. The MkII's innovative design and materials make it longer lasting and more effective than the old W-shaped friction pad Laser sailors are used to. 

New fasteners are included with this item and the hole spacing of this second generation friction pad match up with that of the first generation -- no new holes.

Not supplied with backing card as in photo

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