International Pre-Kote Undercoat YU

International Pre-Kote Undercoat YU

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Product Description
International Pre-Kote

Use Pre-Kote as an undercoat for Toplac or Brightside enamels. Excellent obliteration allows for easy colour changing. It is easy to apply and rub down and can be mixed with top coats to create a range of base coat colours. The tough, flexible resins are long lasting and give a smooth base for the finishing coat.

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Product Questions

Product Questions

Can you use International paints and varnish on a dinghy hull. Whilst it’s below the water line, it’s not always on the water as it lives on a trailer when not in use
Yes you can. The reference to use "above the waterline only" applies to boats kept on a mooring, where of course you would have to use anti foul anyway.