Marlow Excel D12 12 Strand Dyneema

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Strength for strength it is lighter than steel. If you want to downsize and save weight in the Rig and on Deck then this lightweight line offers high strength with flexibility.

Designed for durability. Excel D12 features an Armourcoat high penetration coating for even better wear resistance and protection. Its tolerance to abrasion is excellent and it is resistant to degradation from UV light. With a specific gravity of 0.98 this line will float, has zero water uptake and can be spliced very quickly.
Special features:

  • 12 Strand Dyneema SK78
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Pre-Stretched and heat set
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • No water absorption, will float
  • Quick and easy to splice, even when afloat
  • Marlow Armourcoat with UV and abrasion protection
  • Excellent for Strops, Lashings and Trapeze Lines
  • Excellent alternative to wire 


Main Halyard, Jib Halyard, Spinnaker/Asymmetric Halyards, Spinnaker/Asymmetric Sheets, Spinnaker Pole Up/Downhaul, Bowsprit Control Lines, Vang/Kicker, Downhauls, Outhauls, Control Lines, Backstay/Runners, Trapeze Lines, Strops, Ties/lashings

2.5mm - Avg Break Load: 569kg 
3mm - Avg Break Load: 995kg
4mm - Avg Break Load: 2056kg
5mm - Avg Break Load: 2356kg
6mm - Avg Break Load: 3487Kg


As a result of the unique Marlow prestretching and heat set process, this rope can be oval and not round - this has no effect on the performance.