International Compass Varnish YVA501

International Compass Varnish YVA501

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Product Description
International Compass Varnish

Compass is a fast-drying, high durability polyurethane yacht varnish, with a high gloss finish. Its light amber colour allows the natural appearance of the wood to show through. The tough, durable, polyurethane finish is resistant to surface scratches, oil, mild acid/alkali and alcohol spills. It contains a fast-drying formulation to minimise dust contamination and reduce work-time. Two coats can be applied in one day and its superior flow and application characteristics ensure a smooth, professional finish. It is suitable for all internal and external woods, including oily timbers such as Teak and Iroko.

Approx coverage 9.675m2/litre

No.1 (Brush/Roller)
No.3 (Spray)

Product Questions

Product Questions

Can you use International paints and varnish on a dinghy hull. Whilst it’s below the water line, it’s not always on the water as it lives on a trailer when not in use
Yes you can. The reference to use "above the waterline only" applies to boats kept on a mooring, where of course you would have to use anti foul anyway.