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Hi I am looking for a solo d+ mast. Do yours have the cutaway. Thanks James
Can this product be used as a tough top coat on epoxy resin
Can i also order the sealing ring associated with this product?Rwo Inspection Hatch 4" Black R4042
Ex Charter Class legal mean?Is it a new Laser hull or second hand How does it differ with a normal class legal hull?ThanksP
Is this product heat resistant ie hot pan’s etc when used as a top coat on epoxy resin
What is the setting time difference between slow and fast hardener at the same temp 15 deg
Would this be too thick for dinghy sailing in a northern ireland summer?
Can you use International paints and varnish on a dinghy hull. Whilst it’s below the water line, it’s not always on the water as it lives on a trailer when not in use
Is the the right size for a Solo dinghy I have an old composite solo and would like to get rid of the fiddly uphaul etc
I am looking for some solid launching trolley wheels for a laser 16. I have tried some already but they distorted badly under the weight, leaving them with flat spots. The boat weighs around 250kg. Will these wheels take that weight without distortin
Hi, please confirm slider dimensions, 15 mm wide x 2 mm thick x 60 mm l
Hi,is the Neil Pryde Laser 1 cover big enough to carry all the masts and boom underneath?
Hi. First time I will buy this new sail for my laser 1 boat. Do I need a new lower mast ? or is the old I have one compatible with this sail?
Have ILCA approved these as Class Legal with effect from 1st Sept 2020?
What is the diameter of this shock cord?
Ex charter NEW ... few questions please ...what hull no.s are they ?Have you stock for immediate collection this week ?Can you do delivery to Dublin ?thx
Hi,Is there a speed/gps function on the T060
What is the weight like compared to the aluminium alternative?
Is this product suitable for RS 500, 2000 and Pico trolley or not? Our existing wheel comes with the trolley are compatible for all
What temperature does it reach in use?


The system has sent me my password and I want to change it to one I can remember?
What should I do if I do not receive my goods?
How is Rope/Shock Cord/ Wire/ Non Slip Tape/ Protect Tape etc measured and can it be returned?
Do you send orders to camp sites?
Why is there no free delivery option and/or why can I only select a carrier as a delivery option?
Why do you require or prefer that my order is sent to my home/card holder address?

Tax Free and Export

Do you export to my country and what about Vat and the delivery cost?
Why do you request payment by Bank and other stores take my credit card


How do I return an item?

Products General

How is Rope/Shock Cord/ Wire/ Non Slip Tape/ Protect Tape etc measured and can it be returned?
My fitting or accessory or part of my equipment is showing signs of corrosion or rust


What size do junior AC0085-J socks cover ?
What, apart from £38.50, is the difference between T060 and T061 models?
Would this bracket be suitable for a Supernova
Is the Gill Speedskin Skiff Wetsuit 4613 small on size or forgiving. I’m unsure medium or large.Andrew
what are the dimensions?
Will the Allen Aerovane A71M fit a Solo mast
how long are the track on the A4272 sliding jib cleat
Hi,Have these got the thumb and forefinger cut away as in the picture? Luke
harken triple 29mm 344 what is total length? can swivel be locked in 2 positions (90deg)
is the replacement upper mast a complete mast or not
My fitting or accessory or part of my equipment is showing signs of corrosion or rust
Might seem odd but can you tell me what the Pneumatic Trolley Wheel Heavy Duty 4 Ply weighs? I have to carry two on an aircraft Thanks
Does this item come with the base that screws to the tiller?