Harken Tef-Gel Anti Corrosion Gel 28g Syringe TG-01

Harken Tef-Gel Anti Corrosion Gel 28g Syringe TG-01

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Harken Tef-Gel Anti Corrosion Gel 28g Syringe

When dismantling equipment for maintenance or repairs, this is the stuff you need.

Tef Gel is a PTFE based waterproof lubricant with anti-corrosion and anti-seize properties. Tef Gel does not break down in salt water or detergents. Here at Eclectic, we use the highest quality marine grade material throughout, and moving parts are fitted with low-friction bearing bushes.

However, we use Tef Gel in assembly to eliminate the risk of galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals. This brilliant American-made (as used by the US Navy!) product is difficult to find in the UK, so we decided to sell it to UK yachtsmen.

1. The function of Tef-Gel in eliminating dissimilar metal corrosion is the elimination of electrolytes from entering the interface of the metallic surfaces. Tef-Gel paste contains 40% PTFE powder and 0% volatile solvents, no silicones or petroleum solvents to evaporate, which would leave voids for electrolytes to be drawn into creating a galvanic cell. When both surfaces are coated and mated with Tef-Gel there are no voids for electrolytes (saltwater) to be drawn in by capillary action over extended periods of time.

A. Bolt with nut or lock nut. Bolt into tapped aluminum, steel, stainless steel, inconel.
Use mascara brush, bottle brush, or toothbrush to apply a thin coat of Tef-Gel to both the threaded hole and the bolt threads and tighten. (Torque requirements may have to be altered according to application of thread lubricants).

B. Bedding surfaces: A closely mating surface (10 mils .010 or closer) can be protected from capillary action by applying a thin coat of Tef-Gel with brush, toothbrush, or plastic scraper and assembling the parts and cleaning excess product with mineral spirits or WD-40.

Tef-Gel does not electrically insulate hardware. The PTFE (40%) is ultra fine powder that will extrude out of the contact area and into the voids of the surrounding areas.

Tef-Gel applied between electrical contacts and connectors does not increase the resistance of the connections even at hundreds of amps, maintaining the integrity of EMI shielding.

2. The function of Tef-Gel in eliminating seizing galling and friction welding of stainless steel, inconel, and other nickel alloys.


Tef-Gel applied to both mating surfaces of nuts and bolts or threaded holes and bolts leaves a layer of 40% solid PTFE within the thread interface, which works as friction barrier. Tef-Gel, which contains 0% volatile solvents, will no evaporate, cold flow, or dry out, giving protection many years later when hardware must be dissembled.

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