Harken 100mm Cruising ESP Blocks

Harken 100mm Cruising ESP Blocks

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Harken 100mm Cruising ESP Blocks

Cruising ESP (Elegant Simple Products) is a line of hardware that complements our existing blocks in looks and function, but is simpler in design and construction. Sheaves feature axle bearings to handle high static loads, and are ideal for halyards or limited purchase systems on cruising boats.


Use for reef lines and genoa sheets where the angle is not extreme.


Use teardrop-shaped blocks for direct attachment to padeyes or mast collar posts to keep lines extremely close to the deck.
Use the 6050 and 6056 on production boats with mounting posts on the mast collar. The 6057 and 6065 padeye-mounted blocks have hourglass-shaped head spacers to seat on the padeye bale.

Swivels and Fiddles

Use swivel and fiddle blocks in winch-driven purchases of 4:1 or less. Shackles lock at 90-degree intervals or swivels freely. Perfect for vangs or mainsheet systems on cruising boats from 35 ft to 45 ft (10 to 14 m). 

Use the 6099 for vangs, preventers, or mainsheet systems on boats with long booms and low aspect sails. Ideal as runners on masthead boats to minimize mast pumping. 

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