Epifanes Polyurethane Clear Gloss Varnish 750ml PUC

Epifanes Polyurethane Clear Gloss Varnish 750ml PUC

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Product Description
Epifanes Polyurethane Clear Gloss Varnish 750ml A two-component high-gloss yacht varnish with U.V. filter. Resistant to weathering, chemicals and loss of gloss. Suitable as a varnish system on its own, as a U.V. resistant and protective finishing coat on epoxy resin or as an intermediate adhesion coat on wood treated with epoxy resin prior to the application of a one-component varnish. The outstanding flow characteristics make this two component varnish suitable for both brush and spray application.
Product Questions

Product Questions

Can this product be used as a tough top coat on epoxy resin
Hi, In our experience this is the most durable marine varnish finish currently available. This being a two pack system can mean application is less user friendly. However general feed back from none professionals and professionals alike confirms it is not a problem to work with. We cannot compare to none marine products that may be available but we find this popular from outside the marine industry as well. Hope this helps. Thanks, Sales