Dr Sails Extreme Marine Epoxy 25ml DS10

Dr Sails Extreme Marine Epoxy 25ml DS10

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Product Description
DrSails is the new adhesives technology all-in-one for sailors by sailors. A two part epoxy-based adhesive, fast, flexible and able to cure in the most extreme conditions. DrSails can cure when surfaces are wet, dirty or even covered in fuel or gasoline.

DrSails technology has been tested by many experienced sailors and the conclusion is that DrSails is a must for every sailors on board kit bag or tool box.

DrSails 10ml is a great format for all dinghy classes or small repairs. Its compact size ensures fast and precise applications. With its self-applying syringe and static mixers DrSails can be safely and confidently applied to the most hard to reach places. Its practical size means it is easy to carry and have a place in any sailors kit bag.


Self-applying syringe of 25ml net volume. Ratio 1:1
Four mixing nozzles. Static Mixers 10ml
Properties: DrSails is an adhesive that can glue/bond a number of different materials other on board or on shore.
Dr Sails Extreme Marine Epoxy|DS10

Fixes just about anything and even works underwater!

Make temporary sail repairs at events with epoxy that won't ruin your sails leaving them free to be repairs properly after the event!

DrSails will bond

  • Fiberglass
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Sailcloth (Mylar, Tafetta, Dacron, ...)
  • Aramid Fibre (Kevlar, Technora, Twaron)
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Plastics (except Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Teflon) and neoprene


Working Time 8 min
Curing Time 20min@22ºC
Shear Strength From 160 to 240kg/cm2 depending on surface
Elongation 108% at elastic limit and 160% in pseudoplastic behaviour
Working Temperature Tested Range : -9 - 60ºC
Chemical Resistance: Resists most of the commercial chemical reagents. To be remove is necessary to apply mechanical methods .
Resonance Frequency 40Hz
Degradation Temperature 385 ºC
Shelf Life 36 months

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