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Allen A4043 Keyball Trapeze System From

Allen A4043 Keyball Trapeze System

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Allen Keyball Trapeze System For many years the development team at Allen were keen to design a trapeze system that improves the safety of the sport and reduces the risk of entrapment by the traditional hook-on trapeze harness.
Designer Julian Bethwaite had also been thinking along the same lines and had produced a prototype of the keyball trapeze system. In conjunction with Bethwaite Design, Allen have developed the concept into a sleek and innovative design, eliminating the hook altogether and creating a safe intuitive solution that really works.
The ball and guide is manufactured from solid aluminium in three parts:-

  • A solid aluminium guide with an integral rope-friendly thimble for attachment to the wire via a height adjustable rope.
  • A flexible section joining the ball to the guide enabling articulation
  • A solid aluminium ball for smooth and secure location
  • The buckle is manufactured from two parts and bolted securely together:-
  • A 3D moulded keyhole with a wide opening guides the ball securely into place when trapezing whilst easily releasing when required.
  • A stainless steel back-plate in narrow or spreader format allow for easy changing to suit different designs of harness.You can buy the complete Systems Narrow or Wide.

You can also buy all the spares.If you require any further help, please do not hesitate to contact us. Working very closely with Allen Brothers we are looking forward to the great response to this very innovative design. Especially for the whole family that sails either with a Skiff or Spreader bar design harness, that are looking for a compact safe trapeze system.

Above are all the spares you can buy for the Allen Keyball Trapeze System.
A4043 Guide And Ball
A4043C Moulding
A4043N Trapeze moulding and narrow back plate
A4043W Trapeze moulding and spreader plateCan buy in complete kit form in narrow or wide plate
A4043-KIT Complete system narrow plate
A4043W-KIT Complete system wide spreader plateal-a4043b_youtubeHave some questions before you buy:
How secure is it?
How do I unclip/clip on
How does it look fitted?
What's it like before an during the tack?Simply click on the Videos icon on the following link A4043 .See the A4043 put through its paces with one of the Allen's skiff racing test team!





Nominee For Dame Award 2014

Alt_DAME Jury 20141 Alt_Budworth 660Glide Free Foil Kit  al-a4043_v
The Allen Keyball Trapeze System was a recent nominee in the exlusive club of 45 products at the recent International Mets Trade Show. The DAME 2014 Award received 116 entries from 23 nations all around the World. The 45 nominations represent companies from 16 different countries. We are also pleased to see the Glide Free Foil Kit was nominated in the short list. We have had a lot of interest from this product since we started promoting this in march 2014. We know the Keyball Trapeze system will get the same reception from our customers. Some more info about the Keyball System. As you can see from the above images a very low profile product, and the weight has been kept down to a minimum. This product has received extensive years of R+D , so you can be safely assured this product is ready to be used at club,national and international level. So if you are a skiff or spreader bar Harness sailor and you have a trusty old harness that you don't want to part company with, this is what you been waiting for!
All A4043 Keyball parts are available now from our website

All these items are in stock. If you require any further help please do not hesitate to contact us.

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