Allen 20mm Single Plain Bearing A2020P

Allen 20mm Single Plain Bearing A2020P

Latest design in acetal plastic with stainless straps.
Sheave Diameter: 20mm
Maximum Line Size: 6mm
Length of Single Block = 39mm
SKU: AL-A2020P
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Product Description

The A2020P is a modern replacement for the A4250P. Offering a variety of modern performance and manufacturing upgrades that ensure a more ecofriendly and performance orientated product. The A2020P is made using 100% recycled plastics and the well-known Allen Ultra-Strap. This combination results in a 20% weight saving over the existing range as well as improving the overall performance. This block looks very similar to the 20mm Dynamic version. To differentiate we have changed the sheave colour to grey.

Breaking Load 540 kg
Length  37 mm
Maximum Line Size  6 mm
Weight  10 g
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